Bill Mager
Hayloft Steppers Club Caller

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Bill Mager is the official club caller for the Hayloft Steppers Square Dance Club. He began teaching for
the club beginning in 2006, and has grown our weekly workshops into a multi-level success! 
Bill teaches our year-round classes starting at the beginners level, up to advanced! We are very
fortunate to have him as our club caller, teacher, and friend!

Bill Mager has been calling since 1980.  He started calling for the teen clubs in Connecticut. 
He and his wife, Sarah live in Andover CT. He calls regularly for three area clubs.  Glastonbury SDC, Central Valley SDC,
and Hayloft Steppers SDC.  Bill calls through A2.  Calling throughout New England and beyond. 
Dont miss out on a fun, energetic, entertaining dancing experience when Bills in your area.